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Whitetail Deer Hunting TipsWhitetail Deer Hunting Tips

Whitetail deer hunting tips often result in a hunter earning bragging rights if he shoots a larger buck. Every hunter secretly wishes he or she could display a trophy buck at some time during their hunting career. It’s not a matter of wanting to gloat, but just a desire to succeed. Hunting is a complicated sportbecause so many factors can affect the likelihood of bagging a big whitetail buck that would make any hunter proud.

Hunting lands around the country have varying terrains, but whitetail deer habits are quite similar no matter where you live. That means whitetail hunting tips for the northeast can be just as useful for the south. Of course there are also tips that are regionally oriented, so doing specific research on your area is important. The deer may act the same, but the hunting techniques and laws can be quite different.

Something I would like to chat about is the control of your scent.

One issue that is not addressed for new hunters is the problem of your scent scaring away deer. I found a great solution to this problem.

You understand the problem right? Deer have amazing noses and can smell you coming a mile away. The only way you know is when you don’t see any deer. They’ve got you figured and stay way. So to solve the problem, you must find ways to eliminate, or at least decrease your own scent.

I’ve found some great products that help solve this problem. I will only talk about products that I use and endorse.


But first here’s the story…

The first weekend of Bow Hunting this season I thought I was ready to go. I had washed my hunting cloths and then packed them in Hemlock tree branches and put them in the sealed tub I keep in the back of my truck. I have done this each year. No problem at all.

Once done I change my cloths outside at my truck before going into the woods. Well this year I did get busted several times opening weekend. My son as well, we could not figure out our problem.

One thing to always remember about the whitetail is their nose is 50 percent better than any dog’s nose at smelling scents. Think of this, when a dog can smell drugs in a sealed plastic bag that is awesome. Imagine a whitetail being 50 percent better. We as hunters are in their home so they know and understand our scents.

So after we got “busted,” we had to take a step back and try something new.

Product Suggestions

A good friend of mine suggested using Dead Down Wind. Well it worked great. I completely rewashed all my cloths in their laundry soap and bought all their personal care products as well. Each day I shower with their soap and and wash my hair as well with their products. I have done so for the entire season. The picture of the buck you see with this article was harvested at 15 yards from the base of my treestand and he came by my stand from the down wind side. My son also is seeing more deer and has not been busted since.

Check these out to learn more…

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» Dead Down Wind Grand Slam Kit

All I can say is give it a try, I deal only with Amazon. I have a prime account and it is great as they are. Any problems with a purchase are solved right away.

Get out in the woods and please stay safe, identify your target, pick your spot for the shot and wear your treestand safety device if hunting off the gound.


Psssstttt . . . Did You Know . . .

Hunters love to share their tips with other hunters. Usually sports people like to keep some secrets, but hunters know that finding the trophy bucks requires a combination of great tips and skill.

For example, you know there are certain spots on the deer which make them most vulnerable when shot, such as the lung and heart area, but placing the shot on one of those spots is a whole different matter. That’s why there are so many tips related to shot placement available for both gun and bow hunting.

And did you know that often the bigger bucks are found in brush that runs alongside the obvious deer trail, and not on the trail itself, a lot of the time they will run across the main trails in the fall looking for a hot doe?

Go Ahead and Ask

Tips for hunting white-tail deer cover a wide gamut of topics. There are tips on attracting and patterning bucks. You can learn how to field dress a deer, recognize obvious and non-obvious deer signs, and where to place your hunting stand. You can read important tips about mapping trophy bucks, scouting for the best hunting areas before the season starts and how to differentiate between a yearling buck and a doe.

In fact, you can go back to the basics and get important tips about deer behavior or how to assist with a whitetail deer management program through selective hunting.

So go ahead and ask for some whitetail deer hunting tips. But be prepared, because hunters just love to share their not-so-well kept secrets.